Product Spotlight: Accordion Books

What is an Accordion Book you might ask? Accordion books are a playful alternative to the traditional book and are perfect for the coffee table. They measure 4×8″ in size and have 7 customizable panels that I eagerly wait to design for each of my booked clients. The books are professionally bound and printed with a satin finish cover and high-quality, classic felt papers. They contain a concealed magnet for soft closure so that the accordion folds stay tucked inside nicely if you want to take it on the go or throw it in your bag to show family and friends.

Why an accordion book?

Many of my clients just like to have their photos and no products, which is perfectly fine. However, I do like to give my clients the opportunity to actually hold their images in their hand and to see their images on something other than a computer screen. While I love the USB thumb drives, how often do we let our images collect dust and get buried in folders on a hard drive or on our computer? I’m just as guilty with my personal photos, so I know what it’s like. So, even if it takes you a year (or longer) to get your photos printed, or to finally getting to that canvas wall print that you’ve been meaning to order, I just feel better knowing that you have something to hold and enjoy in the meantime.

A personalized Accordion Book is included in both the Half-Day and Full-Day package. However, if you find yourself wanting something a little more, please don’t hesitate to ask me about album upgrades and/or additional professional grade print products. I have a wide variety of print products at different price ranges that I’m sure would be able to satisfy any of your needs. Contact me today, to learn more!


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