Amy + Lou | Old St. Luke’s | Carnegie, PA Wedding

A little bit of Pittsburgh spring rain had no chance of putting a damper on these cute lovebirds’ day. Amy and Lou were so calm and collected throughout all the wedding day buzz, at times I forgot I was shooting a wedding. It was easy to see how well these two worked together, and how ready they were for this day. The joy on both of their faces as Amy walked down the isle was enough to make me need to pause from shooting to hold back a happy sniffle. The phrase “grinning ear to ear” means something a little different to me now, as that is what they were literally doing, all day. Here are some of my favorites, take a peek!


DGW-Love-Stories-Amy-Lou-21-2 DGW-Love-Stories-Amy-Lou-1 DGW-Love-Stories-Amy-Lou-3 DGW-Love-Stories-Amy-Lou-2 DGW-Love-Stories-Amy-Lou-4 DGW-Love-Stories-Amy-Lou-6 DGW-Love-Stories-Amy-Lou-5 DGW-Love-Stories-Amy-Lou-20-2 DGW-Love-Stories-Amy-Lou-7 DGW-Love-Stories-Amy-Lou-8 DGW-Love-Stories-Amy-Lou-9 DGW-Love-Stories-Amy-Lou-10 DGW-Love-Stories-Amy-Lou-11 DGW-Love-Stories-Amy-Lou-13 DGW-Love-Stories-Amy-Lou-14 DGW-Love-Stories-Amy-Lou-15 DGW-Love-Stories-Amy-Lou-17 DGW-Love-Stories-Amy-Lou-18 DGW-Love-Stories-Amy-Lou-16


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